Transforming assets into profitable

Data Centres in record time

Inner city areas business parks and industrial estates are losing income as business owners relocate to smaller facilities with cheaper rentals. As such, swathes of office space, warehouses and mixed-use facilities are being left empty and generating zero revenue. In parallel our digital dependency is growing unprecedentedly. This reliance has revealed major shortcomings in existing edge data centres and localised facilities robust enough to keep pace with the seamless handling of high-volume data are in short supply.

Why Choose Iconic Data Centres?

By repurposing disused property in prime locations with our unique edge data centre solutions, building owners, and facilities managers can quickly, and, for a modest investment, recoup lost earnings and generate new ones through appealing REIT business models.

Unlike other solutions, our external, podular Edge Data Centres are scalable according to future requirements, deploy want you need today and expand later. This approach makes a compelling business proposition that will deliver a fast ROI and reduced TCO. Not only that. our solution’s lightweight structure simplifies installation as they are easily manoeuvrable and eliminate the need for concrete foundations which are both expensive and time consuming to install.

Got an existing building? We can easily repurpose existing building into Data Centres by using our internal podular modules.

Whether internal or external, all the IT and supporting infrastructure is housed within compact, secure pods which reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions by more than 50% because the energy transfer is dedicated solely to powering computers. This equates to a PUE as low as 1.03, the lowest in the industry and perfectly aligned with current LEED standards to support sustainable building practices and Net Zero targets

Key Advantages

  • Built to suit – Multiple layout possibilities to accommodate building architectures
  • Readily available – No planning permission or property refurb needed
  • Fast deployment times – Can be fully operational within 6 months
  • Flatpack – For swift assembly and transportation in bulk
  • 5G enabled - For seamless interconnectivity between devices, applications, and the cloud
  • Carrier/data centre neutral – for seamless integration with third-party providers
  • Profitable – facilitates multiple revenue streams and business models including REIT
  • High Densities – Up to 100kW per IT Pod/Rack using air / liquid or hybrid cooling