Maritime, Aviation,

Oil & Gas,

Retail and more

Our podular edge data centre units aren’t just limited to mainstream applications, they can also be used for specialist use cases such as AgriTech, aviation, retail, maritime, and indeed any other industry where high-speed/low latency data handling is fundamental to operability, performance, and safety.

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Why choose Iconic Data Centres?

Our podular edge data centre units enable localised data processing without the associated expense or lead times of building a bespoke data centre facility. Deployments are possible from 6KW to multi-MWs and they can be scaled up to meet demand. Moreover, our  edge data centre products also consume 50% less energy and omits 50% less carbon compared to other localised solutions, thus supporting manufacturing companies with their carbon neutral targets.

Data Security & Sovereignty

Edge Data Centres don’t have to be shared. Having your own dedicated / on-site Edge Data Centre from Iconic Data Centres gives you all of data security and sovereignty benefits and none the headaches of managing your own Data Centre, plus you benefit from the speed and low latency of having an on-prem facility.

Fully autonomous our solutions can operate “off-net” for maximise cyber security.

Process Data locally, reduce network costs

Local data from production lines, machinery, sensors etc. and processing locally can provide real-time benefits, reducing outages and unplanned maintenance, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Such processing could also be completed in tradition Data Centres or in the cloud, but with increased latency, additional network costs and potential security data risks (as data is transferred off-prem).