High performance, low latency infrastructure to meet the demands of industry 4.0 and robotics

IoT, AI, robotics, and data analytics are driving innovation in industry and manufacture because of their operational performance and cost savings advantages. In fact, according to industry research manufacturing companies can expect to see pre-manufacturing savings of up to 30% and OpEx savings of between 10-20% by implementing these technologies  yet the prohibitive costs and long install times associated with building an on premise edge data centre often outweigh these savings. With 5G networks becoming mainstream and private mobile networks (PMN) gaining momentum, smart technologies and applications are becoming even smarter. However industry and manufacturing companies are failing to maximise their IoT data because of a shortfall in effective edge computing infrastructure, which is integral to real time data analysis and storage.

Why Choose Iconic Data Centres?

Our podular edge data centre solutions enable seamless IoT data processing at the edge without the associated expense or long lead times associated with building a localised data centre facility. Deployments are possible from 1KW right up multi-MWs, plus they can be scaled up to meet demand. Our podular data centre units also consume 50% less energy and omits 50% less carbon compared to other on localised solutions, thus supporting manufacturing companies with their CSR and NetZero targets.

Key Advantages:
  • Fast deployment – our podular edge data centre units can be fully operational within 9 months
  • Built to suit – multiple shape and configurations possible to accommodate restricted building space
  • Expandable – for easy growth in line with increased capacity requirements
  • Fully secure –with reinforced, maglock access control and optional NOC/SOC capabilities
  • Future-ready – 5G, MM wave and satellite support for seamless interconnectivity
  • Reduced energy consumption – for optimal PUE and lower TCO
  • Carrier neutral – for seamless integration with existing telco infrastructures
  • Prefabricated units – speeding up install times