Edge Cloud

What is Edge Cloud?

Edge Cloud Compute is all about bringing Cloud services as close to the source of the data and / or the consumption of the data as possible.

Edge computing moves some of storage and compute resources out of the central data centres and closer to the source of the data itself. Rather than transmitting raw data to a central data centre for processing and analysis, that work is instead performed where the data is actually generated — whether that’s a retail store, a factory floor, a sprawling utility or across a smart city. The result of that computing work at the edge, such as real-time business insights, equipment maintenance predictions or other actionable answers, can then either be used at the Edge or be sent back to the main data centre for review and other human interactions.

Key Benefits

  • Autonomy. Edge computing is useful where connectivity is unreliable or bandwidth is restricted because of the site’s environmental characteristics.
  • Data sovereignty. Moving huge amounts of data isn’t just a technical problem. Data’s journey across national and regional boundaries can pose additional problems for data security, privacy and other legal issues. Edge computing can be used to keep data close to its source and within the bounds of prevailing data sovereignty laws, such as the European Union’s GDPR.
  • Edge security. Finally, edge computing offers an additional opportunity to implement and ensure data security. Although cloud providers have IoT services and specialize in complex analysis, enterprises remain concerned about the safety and security of data once it leaves the edge and travels back to the cloud or data centre. By implementing computing at the edge, any data traversing the network back to the cloud or data centre can be secured through encryption, and the edge deployment itself can be hardened against hackers and other malicious activities — even when security on IoT devices remains limited.

Edge Cloud from Iconic

Iconic Data Centres can provide a complete private cloud environment installed into its Edge Data Centres providing a complete turnkey solution. We have partnered with industry leading private cloud providers to give you the very best on the market.

  • Service can be run “off net”, accessible via private connections
    • On-Prem, you know where you physically data is
    • Data Sovereignty
  • Cost Effective
    • Migrating to a Private Cloud environment from a traditional hosting provide significant savings as well as providing new capabilities.
    • Moving high cost “public cloud” workloads on prem can significantly reduce processing and data transfer costs
  • Process at the Edge
    • Process and use the data where you need it
    • Lower latency
  • Improved ESG reporting
    • You own the Edge Data Centre and the Private Cloud environment, so you know your carbon footprint.