Podular Data Centre modules can

accommodate complex communication structures

Wireless technologies like 5G, MM wave and satellite are pushing the boundaries of telecommunications. Not only are they poised to deliver augmented consumer experiences, they’re driving innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). From shared transport networks and smart cities to smart medicine, industry 4.0 and robotics, augmented reality and gaming, these wireless technologies will be key enablers to aspirations of a truly “autonomous” world. Before they can go mainstream, however, Telco’s, TowerCos and ISPs  need an economical means of incorporating data handling capabilities and cloud functionality into their existing comms infrastructure.

Why choose Iconic Data Centres?

Iconic Data Centre’s external edge data centre module is a highly compelling proposition for Telco’s and TowerCos  because it removes the need for an infrastructure overhaul, resulting in huge CapEx savings. Moreover, its flexible design enables multiple shape and configuration options (L & E shapes for example) and as such it can be built around existing telco infrastructure, keeping service disruptions and ultimately revenue losses to a minimum.

Key Advantages:
  • Built to suit – multiple shape and configurations to accommodate existing infrastructure setups
  • Fast deployment  – can be fully operational within 6 months
  • Expandable – for easy growth in line with user requirements
  • Fully secure  – with reinforced maglock access control
  • Future-ready – for seamless interconnectivity between devices, the cloud & comms protocols
  • Reduced energy consumption - for optimal PUE
  • Carrier neutral – for seamless integration with existing telco infrastructures
  • Full backhaul support – for high-performance, low latency experiences
  • Seamless interconnectivity between data clusters – to support smart buildings, smart cities and mobility projects