Performance at the Edge

Global digital dependency is growing unprecedentedly, and with so many aspects of our personal and professional lives now online, data centres are fast becoming one of the most important classes of infrastructure. Data is being churned out like never before and this is accelerating, so much so that it is redefining the data centre landscape. Localised data handling is needed for performance, safety, and usability and facilities capable of meeting this are in short supply.

Iconic Data Centres has a portfolio of IP rated external Data Centre Solutions.

Edge Data Centre Solutions

Our flagship “podular” DataQube Edge Data Centres (EDCs) are scalable according to requirements.

One or more “pods” come together to form a Module. Their person-free architecture makes installation possible in challenging situations where conventional builds are neither feasible nor practical due to their sheer magnitude and upfront investment. Each module is fully equipped with the necessary IT, power, cooling infrastructure as well as fibre connectivity for ultra-high-speed-ultra low latency performance.

Edge Data Centres with maximum security

Each module offers security and resilience capabilities comparable to a centralised facility but without any patching frames, networking equipment or power/cooling infrastructure to contend with. Accessing the individual pods is controlled remotely to safeguard your valuable data from being compromised and to protect your IT equipment against foul play. Our outdoor pods can be built to ballistic standards, with a PUE as low as 1.03 and reduce carbon emissions to less than 250g CO2/kwh.

Key Features

  • Podular – Pod’s contain IT or Infrastructure.
  • Turnkey – Comprises the required IT, power, cooling and storage infrastructure within a single self-contained unit
  • Bespoke – Deployments are customised in line with project requirements and/or building/equipment structures
  • Flexible – Multiple shape and configuration options possible
  • Expandable – From 6 kW pod to multi-MW EDC modules
  • Sustainable – 50% less energy consumption and C02 emissions
  • Lowest industry PUE – As low as 1.03

A scalable solution with world class cooling, power and security capabilities


Our EcoModule’s provide a cost effective solution that utilises a shared IT space. In these modules, IT racks are installed into a single area, in a more traditional format.

Cybersecurity Platform Assures Three Critical Components:

  • Heightened security of data flows between internal/external systems and devices and information transmitted via RF or fibre
  • Around the clock protection of all IT assets housed inside the unit
  • Tamper-free, multilayer security mechanism to mitigate weak spots between the transmission layers

Native Security tools deliver the following:

  • 24×7 automated vulnerability assessment of all hardware, software and firmware housed inside the DataQube EDC Module
  • Intelligence-based security monitoring for proactive threat detection and efficient correlation of information and/or assets compromised
  • Onsite team of trained security professionals to guarantee heightened protection for already robust units