Hoptroff Traceable

Time as a Service

Hoptroff TTaaS®

Initially designed to meet the stringent compliance and security requirements for the global financial industry, Hoptroff TTaaS® can now be deployed across a wide range of other sectors such as media and broadcast, gaming, IoT and e-commerce. It works with multiple protocols, seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, and eliminates the need for expensive grandmaster clocks or GNSS receiver installation.

For compliance, security and protection from risk and fraud

Hoptroff Terrestrial Time Feed

  • Available in NTP or PTP format
  • Variety of accuracy levels from 50 milliseconds to 100 microseconds
  • Includes GNSS and terrestrial sources for resilience against satellite interference

Hoptroff Time Suite ® Enterprise Client

  • Synchronisation
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • System-wide reporting
  • Compliance

Secure & Resilient 

  • Securely delivered via resilient network connectivity and backed by an SLA
  • Time is delivered from multiple satellite feeds plus a terrestrial source for extra resilience


  • Easy to install and requires minimal ongoing maintenance or monitoring
  • No need for high-maintenance satellite antennae and physical infrastructure


  • Significantly less costly than an in-house, hardware-based installation
  • Simple monthly pricing structure.