A technology infrastructure company specialising in sustainable Data Centres


We are moving towards an interconnected world where people and machines need to share information in real time. Meanwhile geopolitical instability, cybercrime and information warfare have put data sovereignty and security at the top of the agenda. And data centre energy use is expected to reach 8% of global demand by 2030. This means more and more of our data needs to be stored and processed close to the source using less energy and emitting less CO2.

Imagine a data centre that can be deployed anywhere, any time, using significantly less energy

A technology infrastructure company driving change, we have developed the world’s first podular data centres. Portable and scalable our breakthrough offering assures high-speed, high-performance, and low latency processing much closer to the end user in robust, standalone units built to ballistic standards.

The future of an interconnected world

Why Iconic Data Centres?

  • Sustainability champions – reusable materials, greener coolants, renewable energy sources
  • Proven expertise – 30 years plus experience in data centre implementations
  • In-house technical excellence – no third-party consultants needed for breakthrough innovations
  • Flexible power options – supports all energy types in all combinations
  • Ecologically sound –  major embodied carbon footprint reductions <250g CO2/kwh
  • Efficient – PUE as low as 1.03 (Liquid) and 1.35 (Air)
  • Future-ready – Supports all connectivity options; 4G, 5G, MM wave, satellite etc for higher bandwidth and seamless failover